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Care in Senior Living Homes Chicago Area

Care in Senior Living Homes

Are you looking for care in senior living homes in Chicago area? As our loved ones age, their needs may evolve. Sometimes, staying home independently becomes challenging due to injuries, chronic health conditions, or simply a desire for more social interaction.

Elevated Care at Home understands these transitions and is here to make a positive difference through care in senior living homes in Chicago area. We offer a range of non-medical, supplementary senior services designed to enhance the well-being of your loved ones wherever they call home.

A caregiver assisting an elderly man up the stairs in a care in senior Living Home in the Chicago Area.

Non-Medical Supplementary Care in Senior Living Homes in Chicago Area

Elevated Care at Home goes beyond the traditional model of in-home care. We recognize that seniors may reside in various settings, each with unique advantages. Our supplementary services are available to provide additional support in the following areas:

Care In Senior Living Homes Chicago Area

Many seniors choose senior living homes  and retirement communities for a vibrant lifestyle with social activities and amenities. We can complement these offerings by providing personalized care in senior living homes in Chicago area with daily routines, medication reminders, and appointment transportation.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes offer a safe and secure environment for seniors requiring more comprehensive medical care. Our care in senior living homes in Chicago area can provide a comforting and familiar presence, assisting with emotional support, companionship, and leisure activities to enrich their daily lives.

Independent Living Residences

Many seniors value their independence while desiring some additional support. Our care in senior living homes in Chicago area provide peace of mind for families by offering companionship, errand assistance, and help with meal preparation, ensuring continued independence in a familiar setting.


During a hospital stay, additional support can be invaluable. We can help bridge the gap between medical care and emotional well-being by offering a calming presence, assistance with communication with family, and light housekeeping tasks.

Elevated Care at Home is Committed to Personalized and Ethical Care of Seniors

We understand that every senior is unique, with individual needs and preferences. Elevated Care at Home takes a personalized approach, tailoring our services to create a customized care plan. This may include:


Social interaction is vital for mental and emotional well-being. Our care in senior living homes in Chicago area can provide the following: engaging in conversation, playing games, or simply offering a listening ear.

Meal Preparation and Assistance

Healthy and enjoyable meals are essential. Our care in senior living homes in Chicago area can assist with meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparation, ensuring your loved one can access nutritious and delicious food.

Light Housekeeping and Errands

Tasks like laundry, light cleaning, or grocery shopping can become burdensome. Our care in senior living homes in Chicago area helps maintain a clean and comfortable environment, freeing your loved one to focus on leisure activities.

Transportation and Appointments

Getting to appointments can be challenging. Our reliable transportation services for senior living homes and residences can ensure your loved one can attend doctor’s visits, social events, or enjoy outings.

Elevated Care at Home supports your loved ones and ensures they feel comfortable and empowered in their chosen environment. Contact us today to discuss a personalized care plan and explore how we can make a positive difference in your loved one’s life.

What are the Benefits of Supplementary Home Care for Seniors?

For many seniors, the desire to remain independent in their homes is paramount. However, as age takes hold, additional support becomes necessary. This is where supplementary home care shines. It’s not just about assistance with daily tasks; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers seniors to live life to the fullest on their terms.

1. Enhanced Safety and Security

Falls are a significant concern for seniors, whether they are at home or in senior living homes. Our caregivers can provide a watchful eye, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. Additionally, they can help with mobility issues, ensuring safe navigation within the home. This peace of mind allows seniors to maintain their independence with confidence.

2. Combating Medication Mismanagement at Home or in Senior Living Homes

Medications are crucial for managing chronic conditions, but remembering dosages and schedules can be challenging. Our caregivers can become medication management champions, ensuring timely and accurate medication administration, significantly improving health outcomes, and reducing the risk of complications.

3. Rekindled Social Connections

Social isolation is a real threat to senior well-being. Supplementary home care goes beyond physical assistance. Our caregivers provide companionship, engaging in meaningful conversation, sharing hobbies, and fostering a sense of connection. This combats loneliness and helps maintain cognitive function and emotional well-being.

4. Maintaining a Familiar Routine

Routine provides comfort and stability, especially for seniors. Supplementary home care allows them to continue their daily rituals, from preparing meals to enjoying their favorite hobbies. Our caregivers can assist with these activities, ensuring a sense of normalcy and promoting control over their lives.

5. Seamless Participation in Community Life

Transportation can become a hurdle for seniors, limiting their ability to participate in social activities, religious services, or family gatherings. Elevated Care at Home offers reliable and accessible transportation services. Our caregivers go beyond just driving – they assist with getting ready, provide a supportive presence during outings, and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

6. Respite for Family Caregivers

Caring for a loved one is a rewarding yet demanding responsibility. Supplementary home care offers invaluable respite for family caregivers. Knowing that their loved one is in safe and capable hands allows them to take a well-deserved break, recharge, and prioritize their well-being, strengthening their ability to provide ongoing support.

A caregiver assisting an elderly woman at a Senior Living Home in the Chicago Area.

7. Personalized Care Plans for Unique Needs

There's no "one-size-fits-all" approach to senior care. Our team works closely with families and healthcare professionals to develop personalized care plans catering to your loved one's needs, preferences, and medical conditions. This ensures they receive the most effective and supportive care possible.

8. Maintaining a Sense of Purpose

Feeling needed and engaged in meaningful activities is crucial for overall well-being. Supplementary home care can help by providing opportunities for seniors to stay connected to their passions. This could involve helping with light gardening, assisting with household projects, or engaging in stimulating conversations.

Enhance the quality of life for your loved ones with Elevated Care at Home. Our dedicated caregivers provide exceptional, personalized care in senior living homes, ensuring comfort, dignity, and well-being. Contact us now to discover how we can make a positive difference in their daily lives.

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